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Cincinnati Beer Tunnels March 30, 2013

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Just got back from a tour of the underground beer tunnels and lager storage areas.  It was really cool.  We were 30 feet under the ground in places you wouldn’t even know existed while you’re standing on the street or in the house above the passageways.

Apparently a few of them were discovered by accident, breaking holes in basement floors to discover huge, century old sub-basements.  Some were already known from the brewery maps from the mid to late 1800s.  Most shut down in the 1920s because of Prohibition, but Christian Moerlein is making a comeback and is now brewing their first batch of ale since they closed down in the 1940/50s!



Tunnels that go under the streets and sidewalks to connect two areas of beer cellars.


Lager cellar in Christian Moerlein’s brewery; they’re just finishing excavating this one.


& They’ve still got a lot of work to go with the one right next to it.


They aren’t used for anything now because they violate basically every safety code in Cincinnati, but they can still be used for tours.  They’re still excavating more beer tunnels and cellars right now.

Apparently at it’s peak before Prohibition, there were 18 different Breweries open in Over-The-Rhine, and the average OTR citizen drank 40 gallons of beer, which is 2.5x higher than the national average from those days, haha.


(Yes, this does apply to my class. We just finished reading Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, which is about a city below London [London Below, the clever guy]. We’re starting a little research paper on that, discussing how entire cities or other such things can exist below the ground and we would never know, like these beer tunnels.  So, we were technically learning/applying it to greater concepts. :P)


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